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摄影者 达恩瑜伽

In truth, the reason why I haven’t written about the 达恩瑜伽 controversy is because I 不要’对这种做法了解不多。 So last month when 24 practitioners filed suit in an Arizona U.S. District Court 声称该组织是一种邪教,在精神上胁迫他们并欺骗他们,我决定了解更多。

Dahn 瑜珈 is a Korean system founded by 伊尔奇 Lee which most closely resembles non-violent martial arts such as qi gong. Through the practice of simple exercises of the brain and body, Dahn 瑜珈 claims to enhance the mind body connection, also known as Brain Education. Based in Oriental Medicine, it includes asana like exercises and meditation elements. The practice is meant to lower stress levels, release tension, and improve quality of life. The main focus of the practice is to use your brain well, which includes working with energy in the body and mind in 类es like “meridian stretching.” Many aspects of this “yoga” more closely resemble eastern martial arts rather than traditional 瑜伽。

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What 类ifies it as “yoga” as opposed to a martial art or eastern meditative practice is somewhat unclear. I didn’t find any references to 类ical 瑜珈 in Dahn. Perhaps it is because the stretching and 呼吸练习 have similarities to traditional asana and pranayama, or perhaps like many organizations and individuals who use “yoga” to define their practice, it is simply associating itself with the popular “trend.” The aspects that I look for in a 瑜珈 experience, though, are no where to be found. Not to say that this invalidates Dahn as a practice, but if you believe so strongly in the outcome of the practice, why depend 上 the word 瑜珈 to draw an audience. Instead, call it what it is, whether that be martial arts or otherwise, and trust what is being offered through the practice will draw the practitioners.

As a practitioner, student and 老师 of the practice and science of 瑜伽 taking a system and naming it 瑜珈 真实ly rubs me the wrong way. There is a growing community of like minded yogis who are working hard to keep the spark of 瑜珈 alive amidst all of the convolutions of the traditional practice. Many 瑜珈 老师s and practitioners are working hard to clear away the rubble of the 瑜珈 explosion and return to the foundation of the practice. It becomes difficult and confusing to newcomers and seasoned practitioners alike when they are inundated with hundreds of different styles and systems, many of which aren’t 瑜珈 at all.

But, for whatever reason, the Dahn system defines itself as 瑜伽 and it is making claims that it can heal the physical and mental bodies, alleviate ailments, and create a harmonious life by choosing the path of Dahn 瑜伽。 Like other systems that claim personal revolution and healing, the Dahn system is a members 上ly club, so 不要’t expect the secrets to be revealed until you pay your dues, literally. And, if you do, be aware that there are many non-yogic aspects to the Dahn system, which have been and continually are being addressed by those “members” who are speaking out.

Those who are pressing charges against the organization allege that the claims of a harmonious life are far from the 真实ity. Claimants are 指控组织从欺诈到性侵犯的一切。旧金山居民梅雷迪思·波特(Meredith Potter)说,她被期望在没有适当补偿的情况下工作很长的时间,并为该组织采购大量资金。

This is not the first time the Dahn organization has been 上 the receiving end of accusations. In 2006, the family of Julia Siverls filed a wrongful death suit against the organization after she died of dehydration while training to become a Dahn master. And, in 2002, a former Dahn employee filed a civil lawsuit in Alameda County, California for Unfair Business 实践s and Undue Influence. The goal of Dahn 瑜珈 “enlightening 100 million earth humans by 2010” as professed by Lee seems to have hit a snag at the moment, but 继续相信它的力量而不是缺点的人更多.

Have you ever practiced Dahn 瑜珈? What is your experience?


凯利·金(Kelly Golden)
凯莉 has been a student and practitioner of 瑜珈 for over a decade, and through the exploration of the physical and philosophical practices, 瑜珈 has touched every aspect of her life in a positive way. In her sharing of 瑜伽 she strives to inspire in others the peace, well being, balance, harmony, and understanding that 瑜珈 has brought to her own life. 凯莉 graduated from the University of Tennessee in 1998 with a degree in Creative Writing. Following college, she did freelance writing and editing before turning her focus more completely toward 瑜珈 and rearing a family. 凯莉 is currently serving as the Director of Vira Bhava Yoga School.

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  1. 你好凯利,


    I remember an ashtanga 老师 who I studied with who had often referred to 瑜珈 as the 联盟 of body and mind. I believe that 瑜珈 as well as Dahn are hard to define with words. Rather, I appreciate the beauty and infiniteness that is inside of us. It is how I grow through and use my practice which is important to me.

    Anyway, I am 真实ly happy with Dahn, and I am having a great experience.


  2. 感谢您的意见。我还没有学过Dahn。我的意见仅来自于我的研究’独立完成。在许多方面,瑜伽都可以提炼为一种将身心结合在一起的练习,但它也具有扎实的哲学基础(阿斯汤加瑜伽是瑜伽的8个分支),其背后是教法。就像武术通常追求相同的目标,即身心的结合,但是得到不同基础的支持一样,许多习俗也追求相同的目标,但是’t necessarily “yoga.”空手道或功夫之所以被称为瑜伽,将是相当艰巨的,因为它源于古代东方的实践和教义。同样,我认为Dahn被称为是错误的称呼“yoga,” since it is derived from a different set of philosophical and physical practices. Maybe the 上ly way to know for sure, is for me to attend a 类.

  3. I agree with you that the suffix 瑜珈 is not an entirely accurate word to describe the Dahn practice. The name Yoga became associated with Dahn when Dahn came to the United States. It was used as the closest word that American people would be able recognize that describes the practice.
    However, as I stated before, I also believe that it is not entirely inaccurate. Yoga has become more then just a tradition, it has a broader meaning that can be used to describe many different types of mind body 联盟 practices such as Tao 瑜珈 and taoist 瑜珈 which are also coming for eastern culture. Someone could accurately refer the breathing, stretching or meditation that they do 上 their own in the privacy of their own home as 瑜伽。 Referring to the prefix name will help preserve the tradition such as has been 不要e in Tai Chi (Which roughly translates to mean Big Ultimate,) for example Chen Tai Chi or Tai Chi Chaun.
    In some cases, even the traditional forms of 瑜珈 being taught are often watered down to the point of being simply exercise. However, in my experience, Dahn has always been authentic.
    Dahn最初称为DahnHak,其大致翻译为“研究累积的生命力。” It is passed down through the ShinSunDo, which is sometime also referred to as Sundo, tradition from ancient 老师s and teachings. Perhaps the practice will eventually drop the suffix 瑜伽。


  4. 让’s be clear and honest here, DahnHak is NOT 瑜伽。 It has nothing to do with 瑜伽。 Its roots do not come from 瑜伽。

    I do agree that the word 瑜珈 has been used inaccurately in labeling other practices, but this does not make calling the practice of DahnHak 瑜珈 right, acceptable or justified. As 健康的身体快乐的心 noted, the name was changed to market Dhan to Americans, to make this practice sound safe and familiar. And with these continuing controversies with Dahn “yoga” it is potentially distorting and soiling the true teachings and practices of 瑜伽。 At the very least, it confuses the general public as to what true 瑜珈 is. Calling the DahnHak practice 瑜珈 is just plain dishonest and 不道德的.

  5. 健康的身体开心的心说:“Dahn最初称为DahnHak,其大致翻译为“研究累积的生命力。” It is passed down through the ShinSunDo, which is sometime also referred to as Sundo, tradition from ancient 老师s and teachings.”


    我读到Sundo在60年代很受欢迎’s in Korea by a man who claimed to have lived in the mountains for decades under a 老师 who told him to spread the practice. He founded “Kooksundo,”今天仍在继续。李一智接着在80’他在山区开了21天,没有食物,水或睡眠(这将打破一个以上的记录),然后才被启蒙,将现代化的dahnhak锻炼带给人们。 (他曾在跆拳道接受过训练。)屈尊道和达恩都声称韩国人起源于道教气功,而世界上其他所有人都认为这来自中国。

    如果您认为原始的古代朝鲜社会在后来被中国宣称拥有主权的地区中是一个先进的精神,萨满教,道教社会,那么您可以说道教起源于韩国,后来影响了中国文化。达恩还相信韩国人起源吗“yoga” and then influenced the Indians? 我不会’t be surprised.

  6. I think that you are using a very narrow of a view point 提摩太. It is not 不道德的 for 达恩瑜伽 to use the term Yoga, fore the term 瑜珈 does accurately describe the practice:



    Major branches of 瑜珈 in Hindu philosophy include Raja Yoga, Karma Yoga, Jnana Yoga, Bhakti Yoga, and Hatha 瑜伽。 Raja Yoga, compiled in the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali, and known simply as 瑜珈 in the context of Hindu philosophy, is part of the Samkhya tradition. Many other Hindu texts discuss aspects of 瑜伽 including Upanishads, the Bhagavad Gita, the Hatha Yoga Pradipika, the Shiva Samhita and various Tantras.

    The Sanskrit word 瑜珈 has many meanings, and is derived from the Sanskrit root yuj, meaning “to control”, “to yoke” or “to unite”。翻译包括“joining”, “uniting”, “union”, “conjunction”, and “means”. Outside India, the term 瑜珈 is typically associated with Hatha Yoga and its asanas (postures) or as a form of exercise. Someone who practices 瑜珈 or follows the 瑜珈 philosophy is called a 瑜伽士.

    To put Yoga in a small box does not do it credit. Kung Fu and many other martial arts are rumored to have their origins from 瑜伽。 How information and practices were shared in the ancient world is ambiguous to us.

    I suggest that we keep an open mind and not condemn another practice as 不道德的 (especially if we have not tried it.)
    For me and many of the other practitioners that I know, 达恩瑜伽 has 不要e wonderful things to improve health, happiness and peace of mind. As a practice itself it is based 上 ancient principles and it works. As someone who has practiced 瑜珈 and other martial arts for 20 years, I do not hold 上e 瑜珈 as higher then another, and also, not all 瑜珈s are created equal. What is important to recognize is what is being taught in the 类room and practiced in life, and what works for you. It works for me, so I am happy. I prefer to just leave it at that.

    但是,据林下评论。 达恩瑜伽并没有声称自己会比其他任何练习更好或更差。他们非常特别地授权SunDo在西藏,中国和蒙古(不是今天的韩国)边界附近的地区开始。
    伊利·李(Ilchi Lee)并没有声称在莫阿克山(Moak Moak)进行为期21天的苦行僧训练时没有喝水。


    1. 请记住,功夫只意味着辛勤工作,空手道代表空手,跆拳道则是踢拳的方式。武士道和武术都意味着武术,但完全无关。很难说任何艰苦的工作都可以称为功夫,或者任何空手的活动都是空手道。瑜伽意味着联合(大多数学者对此表示赞同),在这方面,这显然是很瑜伽的,但是最终,瑜伽作为一个术语表示一大堆学科,这些学科有着共同的和重叠的起源和影响。我不知道’不知道叫瑜伽是不是‘unethical’,但从学术角度讲,它会误导人们,特别是如果该传统不包含其他梵语或印度语概念或与吠陀世界观的联系时。

  7. @健康的人

    I apologize, but I am having a hard time following the logic that it is not 不道德的 for Dahn to use the term 瑜伽。 According to the 定义 of 瑜珈 in your posting:



    “Someone who practices 瑜珈 or follows the 瑜珈 philosophy is called a 瑜伽士.” Is the term “Yogi”用在Dahn而不是“Master” or “Subanims”(抱歉,可能拼写错误)?

    If it is meant that Yoga is often referred to a type of exercise that unites the mind and body, I can follow that, but in my opinion this 定义 does not state that.

    根据Ilchi Lee在80年代的说法,也是森林的声明’该视频支持。


  8. 健康的身体快乐的心,我没有说他们声称达恩瑜伽比其他练习更好,但我认为真正的信徒确实如此。最根深蒂固的人相信,如果他们能够在我们不久都毁灭地球之前创造1亿个达恩(Dahn)治愈者,那么这就是突然过渡到和平统一世界的道路。

    他们可能会说SunDo始于西藏,中国和蒙古的边界,但他们也说这是原始朝鲜文明的发源地(今天不属于韩国)。李一琪(Ilchi Lee)说:“Dahnhak Kigong培训的起源可追溯到5,000多年的韩国历史。它最初是一个计划,旨在教育公众如何发展身心。 3,000年以来,朝鲜文明的明智领袖们一直认为,每一代人都在练习功功,这是一种增强健康和自我增强的武术。”

    他听起来像是在背诵历史事实,但是他所指的5000年前的朝鲜文明是基于韩国的一项开国神话(Tangun),以及一些小小的信仰,文本和做法太宗宗教。据我了解,宗教信仰坦贡是上帝,神圣的信仰是《天堂法典》,相信坦贡起源于冥想,能量呼吸和唤醒您的本性(内部炼金术),从而造福全人类“弘法”理想。听起来有点熟?伊奇·李(Ilchi Lee)竖立了数百个坦un雕像,他的追随者向坦un鞠躬并诵读《天道》–您可以从中以多种形式购买,例如昂贵的魔术“ Okum”卡。 (什么是Okum ?!听起来像hokum!)

    我认为日本人根本没有提倡坦un神话,更不用说歪曲它了。我读到相反的话,它是在面对日本的控制时被提升以增强朝鲜民族的民族自豪感和统一性的。我肯定对神话有不同的解释,有些人会从字面上理解它,而有些人会隐喻地理解它。一篇很好的文章是Michael J. Seth撰写的“韩国的神话,记忆和重塑:谭案”。您可以在线找到它。


    基于道教(内部炼金术)的气功习俗比5000年前要晚得多,并非来自韩国–来自中国。阅读唐·贝克。他学习朝鲜宗教,并撰写了有关Dahn World的文章。

    If you think 伊尔奇 Lee ”does not claim to have not drank water during his 21 day ascetic training training 上 Mount Moak,” tell that to the people who promote him. Dahn”™s Wikipedia writers say he didn”™t lie down either. If you believe that, Healing Society will sell you a magic ”Okum” turtle necklace for $1040. It must be 真实 because it”™s based 上 ”ancient” Korean practice, right?


  9. 你好凯利,

    我是Dahn Yoga的会员,现在已经担任了6年的讲师。

    我很失望地看到您网站上有关所谓的Dahn Yoga的博客文章和评论“Controversy,”特别是因为您在第一句话中就说过“don’对这种做法了解不多。”




    对于您而言,蒂莫西,森林和唐诺(Dono)如此消极地对Dahn Yoga做出负面评价,对我,对我的同伴和本组织成员以及对成千上万忠于我们的成员而言,都是深深的侮辱和不敬。中心和韩国政府

    如果您跟随一位真正的记者’按照道德准则,您将不会仅包含有关Dahn Yoga的负面信息,尤其是没有结论或事实证明​​的情况下(在这一行中只能找到一些正面的表象)“继续相信它的力量而不是缺点的人更多”).

    You have not even given 达恩瑜伽 a fair chance and you are not speaking from firsthand experience (and going to 上e or two 类es with a prejudiced, pre-determined negative attitude does NOT count).

    实际看来,打扰您的唯一事情是该练习使用了术语“yoga,”我读过的是梵文中的一个名词。实际上,我们可以自由选择将其命名为“ what will”。如果愿意,我可以打开一个汉堡包架,并称其为“汉堡瑜伽”。那’这是我们在美国享有的自由特权之一。

    What I gather from the postings 上 your page is that you think 上ly different kinds of Indian 瑜珈 should be called “yoga,” otherwise we’re lying to the public about what we offer. But there is no existing term in the English language that would accurately describe the practice. The practice itself would stand 上 its own, but any competent business 经理 could see that it would take much longer for it to become widely known if we used an unfamiliar term versus a term that is already familiar to the general public. Also, anybody who tried it and didn’就像它可以切换到另一个“yoga”他们想要的任何时候。

    大家知道,我有很多成员练习过“real” 瑜珈 and were even instructors who said this is the best holistic (body, mind, spirit) discipline they ever experienced.



  10. @ 洋葱012

    You could do that, but you probably would get sued for deceptive business practices under the Fair Trade Commission Act of 1914. If people reasonable expect to receive 瑜珈 from your name and advertisements, but in return you 上ly sell them hamburgers, it could be construed as deceptive.

    这就是诉讼人能够起诉Dahn的原因。如果Dahn没有更改他们的名字,那将是没有问题的。从DahnHak获得的服务期望如何?从Dahn World,Dahn整体治疗中心或脑与身体教育中心获得的服务期望如何?这些期望与Dahn Yoga的期望不同。


  11. 好吧,我对自己在Dahn Yoga的经历感到非常满意(而且我已经实践过),并且我还认识了Dahn的一些印度瑜伽从业者,并且很喜欢它。他们没有说“This is not 瑜伽” they ask, “When is the next 类?”

    I even read a testimonial from a prominent ayurvadic doctor from India. He has studied many forms of 瑜珈 in India and also teaches. Before his departure back to India he said, “Dahn Yoga is the best form of 瑜珈 that I have experienced thus far, and I will teach it to my patients at my office.”

    我很高兴对Dahn Yoga如此感兴趣,但我同意Onion的观点,即人们不应如此消极。这对您的健康不利。事实是,达恩瑜伽是一种可以帮助人们提高身体,情绪和精神健康的实践,仅此而已。

  12. 亲爱的健康的身体快乐的心和onion012,

    No 上e here is saying that DahnHak is a bad practice, or making judgments 上 the quality of the experience of taking 达恩瑜伽 类es. Please stop complaining that we are.

    It is wonderful that you both are happy with your experience with DahnHak. But I am curious why both of you are so reactive to any criticism of the name of your practice? (And note that we are 上ly criticizing the name, not the techniques!) As with the comments of both 不要o and forrest, we are 上ly giving clear logical statements as to why Dhan cannot be honestly called 瑜伽 and why calling it 瑜珈 is 不道德的 and potentially illegal.

    As the founder and director of this site, I have a obligation to both educate and defend the practice of 瑜珈 (and if you are not sure what 瑜珈 is you can find out 上 our “Yoga 101”部分)。我乐于接受我的陈述的逻辑性和真实性的批评,但是(对我自己或他人的)个人攻击或判断是不能容忍的。

  13. 无论是谁,都无法否认有很多人喜欢Dahn运动’s accurately called 瑜珈 or not, and they love the support they find there (hugging, smiling, massage, sharing, encouragement) and the sincerity of the instructors. A lot of people who go there are out of shape to begin with and find health improvements immediately. (Regular exercise and relaxation and feeling hopeful are known to be healthy and healing. Claiming that Dahn cures cancer and M.S. – that goes too far.)

    我不会’根本不介意他们称其为瑜伽,也不必批评他们声称自己拥有古老的韩国传统,如果不是因为那里发生的其他事情似乎更加险恶的话。 24位前大师没有起诉,因为他们称其为瑜伽。他们的指控是,他们以为自己只是参加一项锻炼计划,但最终被吸引到一个思想改革,操纵性的组织,该组织将所有的钱都花在了该计划上(据说是为了治愈自己和拯救世界),并且所有时间都在招募新成员为伊尔奇筹集资金’s “vision,”这意味着要让其他人签约并在Dahn上花费所有的金钱或时间。他们说,达恩削弱了他们的批判性思维能力,一位妇女声称她在他的统治下被动地屈服于与伊尔奇·李的性关系,导致她的精神崩溃,因为她的许多达恩朋友告诉她她应该为自己选择她感到荣幸。我们不’不知道这是否是真的,但这不是第一个这样的诉讼或故事。

    蜜雪儿在这里说,在这个讨论板上对Dahn Yoga的批评是对世界各地成千上万Dahn成员和大师的侮辱,甚至是对韩国政府的侮辱。’t it much more insulting to Dahn members and masters and to the Korean government for Dahn to get into two U.S. lawsuits for sexual assault, mind manipulation and violating labor laws, a wrongful death lawsuit, owning your own jet and Arabian horses, riding around in the most expensive car 上 the planet, living in a castle, owning prime 真实 estate all over the world, and living an altogether extravagant lifestyle while devoted Dahn masters give up attachment to money, family,and friends to work day and night for the 伊尔奇 “vision,”一些住在公共场所为食宿工作的人,又是又是又一个又一个?

    总而言之,我’很抱歉,这种批评使那些热爱Dahn并被Dahn治愈的人感到沮丧。如果我致力于一个组织,我可能会有同样的感觉。忠诚是伟大的品质。 (对有效的批评视而不见?不是很好。)我认为我们所有人都希望所有人的健康,幸福与和平– and that’这就是为什么我批评达恩。他们不是一个小组织。它们庞大且不断增长。很多人会受伤。


  14. 达恩·瑜伽(Dahn Yoga)正在模仿全球主义者的宣传,只是穿着一套新衣服而已,但是’就是之前在多个邪教组织中都能看到的同一个新时代球拍。

    上面发布的视频表面上看起来不错’s One Race, One Religion, One Earth sales pitch, until you dig a bit deeper and 真实ize it’自从本世纪初以来,随着第一次世界大战之后诞生的失败的国际联盟(国际联盟)到更受欢迎的版本-团结的国家,在第二次世界大战之后成为成功的全球化主义者,成为了全球化主义者。

    OTO组织像爱丽丝·贝利(Alice Bailey),阿里斯特斯·克劳利(Aleister Crowley)及其“金色黎明”这样的神秘学家,最初是通过一家名为Lucifer Trust的公司出版的,该组织通过联合国称为Lucis Trust广为人知并得到推广,他们出售了同样的行星意识,启蒙运动,成为了自己的上帝等…

    The aim is 团结 the world under 上e government…这些邪教只会让您感觉良好,从而使您对它一视同仁。 Dahn的练习确实会让您感觉良好,但是’慢慢灌输,忽略了这个星球的弊病及其发生的原因。李一奇可能无非是“enlightened”主人操纵者误入歧途。



  15. 我没有尝试过这种练习方式,但是抹黑了某些东西‘yoga’因为它没有 ’s orgins or roots in India, is to discredit yin 瑜伽 taoist 瑜珈 and the yin and yang 瑜珈 (by paulie zink) styles. but I 不要’同意仅仅在美国就可以允许任何人打电话给自己的执业律师‘yoga’推销给他人。它应该被称为是什么以及该术语是否‘yoga’在美国,与soley紧密联系以使人们参加在很多层面上都是错误的。我同意提摩太的观点。如果这种做法本身就是一种好的做法,则无需添加该词‘yoga’ to it. Tai chi chaun and qi gong its benefits to its practice which are not that dis-similar to 瑜伽。


  16. 在练习瑜伽十多年之后,我尝试了Dahn Yoga。我发现与我以前参加过的任何瑜伽课都没有相似之处。我必须在课前60分钟的课程中,有人戳着我,向我逼去。–深入我的肠子,我被困在电视前,观看有关消化系统疾病的视频。这很不舒服,但是可以忍受。会议结束后,我不得不换成他们提供给我使用的棉质裤子和衬衫。有人告诉我,我需要为以后的课程购买自己的。瑜珈‘class’ was a session where someone stood at the front of the room doing postures and the 类 was expected to follow. No instruction was offered other than ‘do this’. 20 minutes of the 类 was holding a squat with arms extended as if hugging a barrel while the ‘teacher’ encouraged us to hold the pose. It was challenging. But, I did not think it was 瑜伽。 This is not to say it is not a good practice, but I was so thankful this was not my first experience with a 瑜珈 类. After the 类 we shared tea and our experience of that days 类 around a circle. THEN, I was invited to sit at a desk opposite 上e of the 老师s and given a contract to sign up for a monthly commitment of over $100 per month!! Needless to say, I declined. I inquired if I might drop-in 上 occasion, but that was greatly frowned upon. I do understand the business model of this organization, and I appreciate that 老师s would like a commitment from students, but geeze, life so gets in the way of attendance way too often. I 不要’t want my 瑜珈 to be yet another to-do item 上 my list and just an automatic charge to my credit card account. I want to come to my 瑜珈 类 with joy. And leave feeling better than when I came in without having to endure a sales pitch. I have shared my experience with others. I think Dahn is a business. It may be 瑜伽 but not like any other 瑜珈 I ever heard of before. I agree it smacks of a martial arts school more than a 瑜珈 studio. It is not bad or good. Just not what I expected of a 瑜珈 establishment. Makes me think the Yoga part of the name is but a marketing tool.
    All the 瑜珈 I’曾经有过经验的Kriya,Forrest,Yin Yoga,Anusara,Svaroopa,Iyengar,Bikram,Kali Ray,以及其他一些人可能会推销自己,但他们为学生提供了一个可以在自己的时间内自主成长和成长的环境方式[学生]。我觉得达恩学校对我的金钱承诺比对我更感兴趣。

  17. I have been doing some searching 上 the net about Dahn 瑜伽。 I just want to log 上 my experiences to help others like me who are 上 the fence about this type of practice and decide for themselves.

    I am from Calgary, Canada and 3 new dahn 瑜珈 studios just popped up. I have attended 2 类es now and find some of the comments above similar. I am in love with 瑜伽。 I tried the studio because I was trying to find a studio near my house to go to. When I attended I thought I was going to a 瑜珈 类 but it turned out very different. I was first sat down to be educated 上 the 类 especially to speak Korean sayings after certain exercises. I was poked and told I have emotional issues. During the 类 I did feel certain sensations I did not before. Like feeling 真实ly warm with little movement and feeling energy between my hands during meditation. After 类 my friend and I was swept into a deal if we both signed up at the same time for unlimited 类es for a month for $89 each. She was a little pushy when we would come back for an assessment session. I just attributed it to her enthusiasm for the practice. I just had the assessment 不要e today and took another 类. This time she 真实ly poked me hard so much so I am getting 真实ly sore 12 hours after the 类. I am starting to wonder if she did it so hard so she could prove to me I had emotions blocking my solar plexus point. She told me I have specifically family issues. I think in retrospect every human being at any point of their lives have emotional stuff with family in shape or form. For me, it is more charged as I have been through some unusual things. So yes it hit a sore point for me. I also told her I have been having a problem with my skin and she immediately said I would have clear skin in weeks. She told me I should do another session for $70 to help my severe blockage. I did book an appointment but I may cancel. So far what I think from my experience is she may be mixing some truths with her beliefs–好的或坏的我不是判断的对象。但是我知道,当您在某件事上与某人达成协议时,他们会立即向您提供其他一些东西,您可能不会同意。我知道这是因为这是我有时会加售的一种销售策略。我肯定对冲动有些不满意。

    I guess from my typing this out I have more suspicious points than 真实ly positive points. It is turning out to be more expensive than the hot 瑜珈 类es I have been attending. For me, when attending the hot 瑜珈 类es I always leave feeling like a million bucks. After 达恩瑜伽 so far I am left feeling like I have a problem I need to fix immediately.

  18. 1987年我在韩国的时候,我开始向一位韩国同事学习一种他从山民的门徒那里学到的韩国武术。山民一直呆在山上,他们的一生通常只会教一个徒弟。大约在1919年,许多山民得到了启示,要从山上下来到城市里,并教大家。议案比跆拳道更圆。伴随着动作,人们正在呼吸清洁能量中心的可视化效果,例如在肚脐下方的点(丹中心)想象明亮的阳光,然后焦油或黑烟从丹中心对面的点回来。然后他给我看了一本书。它看起来像一本瑜伽书。我了解到他们相信这是5000年前来自蒙古的,当时一家分支机构进入了印度。无疑,它的瑜伽年龄与印度的瑜伽年龄相同。

  19. Actually just having read all the other comments, I have to 真实ly chuckle. I have been associated with Koreans for a long time and find it interesting that all Koreans seem to like me very much, but also that they have very aggressive and bossy personalities. The Korean I mention in my last comment in fact learned raja 瑜珈 meditation from me, that I learned from Ram Chandra of Shajahanpur. So that route of transmission was India-> America->Korea.

  20. 让我告诉您有关Dahn的情况“yoga”作为初学者打击我。我在2010年5月32日进行了介绍性约会,并以现金支付。经过评估和难以理解(绅士Seos的英语口语能力很难理解)的介绍,他要求我注册,我能负担得起多少钱。经过与他的几次来回对话“manager”我要求有一段时间(一两天)考虑一下,他说如果我没有’现在接受要约我会输掉。那’在我本该应该离开办公室但我同意支付100美元的首付款并签订合同的情况下。
    完成之后,徐老师告诉我,我将不得不再次参加介绍性约会,而且我需要特殊的衣服才能参加。到两个小时结束时,我花了最后45分钟来争夺金钱和联络,到家后,我仔细阅读了合同,并意识到自己犯了一个大错误。但是,我确实可以取消合同并获得我在6/1/2010和6/2/2010行使的定金。我在两天内给本地中心打了3次电话,每次都有一个不同的借口和一个前卫人士,稍后再给我打电话。避风港’发生了。我还通过电子邮件发送了电话,并致电了Dahn Yoga客户服务号码。他们也没有回应。因此,在进一步深入该程序之前,我的结论是:’真的是什么,这是一个骗局。老实说,我曾经遇到过一个不道德,也不是瑜伽的组织(我以前参加过)。我满怀希望地去了达恩瑜伽中心…now I know it’骗取那些渴望改善自己的健康和生存状况的毫无戒心的人只是个骗局。如果不是’t why wouldn’Dahn Yoga的任何人都回答我的多个要求,并至少尝试与我讨论问题…you be the judge.

  21. 对上述错别字表示抱歉,但如果您能克服这一点,希望您能理解为什么我如此沮丧和沮丧。我是残疾人,靠固定的收入生活。对于某些人来说,100美元的价格似乎不算很多,但对我而言,’我可以说并从我的经验中学到一大笔投资。

  22. 身体和大脑瑜伽(正式称为Dahn瑜伽)是一种结构良好的邪教。尽管他们的练习涵盖了东方的各种深奥练习,但其中没有一个严格地属于自己。从许多不同的来源复制而来,例如道教,禅宗佛教,日本武术等。这种习俗有一些好处。他们非常简单,因此几乎任何人都可以开始锻炼自己的身体,思想和精神。另外,这些运动确实会使人感觉良好,因为它主要集中在锻炼能量上,尽管如果您以前没有定期进行运动,任何运动都会使您感觉良好。但是,这就是收益的终点。

    我开始了B&B瑜伽早在2015年8月。在2015年7月,我刚刚在任何属灵或宗教背景之外,独自经历了一种精神上的觉醒。&B gave me simple tools to advance and strengthen my spiritual needs. But soon 真实ized how rudimentary the practice was. Many of its principles came natural to me. They were basic knowledge for anyone that had any spiritual background. That is when hard sales pitch and push started. I was promised more knowledge and higher training if 上ly I attended various workshops, some at the local centers, and some were national trainings in Sedona, Arizona. Which I gladly accepted as I thought this will help me grow. I attended multiple 类es a day and many of the local workshops. Then I was asked to take national workshops in Sedona. And these didn’t come cheap. I was initially signed up two workshops, Solar Body Healing Course (SBHC) and Brain Management Training (BMT), together the cost was $5,000. I gathered all my credit card to pay for them as I was being convinced by the regional 经理 and trainer Eunice that this cost is for my own growth and education. Not even a week after I’ve decided to take these two courses, Eunice 上ce again approached me about taking another workshop, Dahn 主 Course (DMC), cost $10,000. I was told that if I took all three courses together, I will receive major discount, total cost of $11,900 for all three. As I told her I 不要’t have any more money, she started to ask me if I can borrow from family or friends. She was very insistent that I ask around for money. When I told her no, she said she can arrange a monthly payment plan for me. Which I eventually agreed for monthly payment of $485 until the balance is paid off, convincing myself that it was necessary for my own spiritual growth.

    我于2015年11月上旬参加了SBHC和BMT。这些研讨会令人失望。首先,我被告知要购买研讨会所需的各种物品。但是,没有一个被使用。出售商品的欺骗和伪劣行为。第二,我没有学到新的原则或练习。第三,我目睹了改变洗脑过程的思想。大声的音乐,疯狂的舞蹈和热心的肢体动作使人们像意识改变一样进入tr状态,然后他们用潜意识和暗示性的指导冥想轰炸成员,向他们介绍对创始人Ilchi Lee的崇拜。这在BMT中非常明显,有许多有关Ilchi Lee的介绍视频,并且不断谈论他为所有成员创造这种实践的方式多么“神奇”,但他们并没有谈论他从成员那里赚了多少钱。最后,一半的讲习班是商业化的,用于他们提供的其他讲习班,特许经营信息和产品演示。感觉就像坐在一个分时度假的演示文稿上。值得一提的是,首席讲师Jay大师似乎对自己的工作感到沮丧和困惑。他讨厌洗脑会员,但他很有才华。这是另一个问题。大师们似乎都不确定这种做法。他们似乎对此都有不同的感觉。其中一位是在组织中接受了25年以上培训的硕士,他告诉我,人们不需要参加所有这些研讨会,这只是浪费金钱。在咨询了许多与我有关的同事之后,我意识到这个组织确实存在问题。但是直到我从塞多纳(Sedona)回来后,我才意识到这种做法的真实深度和欺骗性。

    First thing Eunice asked of me after I just got back from Sedona was whether if I can pay for the DMC in full that day. I was 真实ly disheartened and taken aback by her. She didn’t care how my experiences were. I started going to regular 类es less and less and I decided to do research into this organization. Fortunately for me, I am fluent in Korean. Instead of English search, I decided to look at Korean websites for more information. These are some of the findings I thought were worth sharing. Most information is shared by former masters and individuals who worked closely with founder 伊尔奇 Lee and the organization. The information is in Korean but if you can, I strongly encourage you to take a look at this website and maybe Google can somewhat translate for you.


    1.B&B系列在韩国被称为Dahn World。他们是欺诈和邪教的头号投诉。
    2.在韩国,有大约60个或更多的子组织和机构,由Ilchi Lee在国际上经营,他洗钱。怀疑他身价数十亿美元,但没人能确定。这些包括许多不同类型的禅宗佛教机构,道教奖学金,HSP品牌,大脑教育机构和其他身份不明的组织。
    3,美国达恩(Dahn)最大的姊妹组织之一是地球公民组织,伊利·李(Ilchi Lee)担任主席。据称,尽管他们试图帮助环境,但到目前为止,他们尚未为任何事业做出任何重大捐赠。
    6.虽然李一奇(Ilchi Lee)声称自己不是宗教人士,而达恩(Dahn)不是宗教人士,但他本人自2004年起已在韩国注册为成佛学院,并获得税收优惠。
    9,许多男性主人利用这种能力引诱女性成员建立性关系。达恩(Dahn)一直困扰着许多毫无戒心的家庭。通奸和性骚扰在达恩很普遍。达恩大师们之间一直在开玩笑。这不是Dahn World,这不是Sex World或性骚扰世界。
    10.Ilchi Lee对金钱的痴迷比什么都重要。他在韩国,美国和日本拥有许多房屋和财产。他有私人飞机,游艇,豪华轿车和悍马。许多财产属于他的家人和亲戚。
    11.Ilchi Lee沉迷于性爱。自90年代初以来,他发生了太多性丑闻。他对女学生最喜欢的路线是“您的嘴上有最多的穴位。吸吮我的手指,我会给你一些能量的。”众所周知,他邀请年轻的女学生到他的私人房间接受私人培训,年龄只有14岁。他经常与许多女学生发生性关系。即使到现在,他仍被持续不断的性丑闻所包围。
    12.Ilchi Lee是赌博的忠实拥护者。他在拉斯维加斯有一个私人住宅,并且经常光顾。众所周知,他一晚上会浪费数百万美元。他是许多拉斯维加斯赌场的忠诚和贵宾。
    14.伊尔奇·李(Ilchi Lee)已将自己提升为“神灵”。他称自己为天堂。他称自己的演讲为《天堂的降落》。他的演讲是对基础信息的重述,并从各处获得的相同信息中进行了重复。在他出来并向他的追随者讲话之前,他必须鞠躬敬拜。他在自己和人类之间造成了分歧。
    15. They control their members through fear. They say that the world is coming to an end in 2020 so we should dedicate ourselves and our money to reach an enlightenment now. They prey 上 innocent people who 真实ly want to make a change in the world and help themselves.
    16,吉多亚人几乎没有薪水而把自己的生活都拖走了,而伊尔奇每年在他的组织中赚取的大约3000多吉多亚人的钱翻了一番。 Jidojas与其他主人在宿舍里与家人和朋友住在一起。他们花了很多时间工作。令人沮丧,不人道的环境。在少数情况下,这些犹太人自杀。

    达恩(Dahn)传递着美好的希望和和谐世界的信息时,该组织本身却极度腐败和邪恶。核心人物是伊尔奇·李(Ilchi Lee),这些盲人的大师敬拜他,而成员们毫不怀疑地跟随他。不要相信中心主管。他们也许是好人,但他们也看不到Ilchi Lee创造的幻想。当您退后一步,用客观的眼睛看时,它会变得非常清晰。深入了解并真正了解它。启蒙没有单一的真理或意识形态。启示的门与地球上的人一样多。退后一步,使自己摆脱这些限制和限制。最后,我不想改变任何人的想法。我只想分享我对这种做法的看法。您不必相信我所说的话。我希望人们质疑一切,并全心全意做出选择。如果您真的相信Dahn或B &B瑜伽是您选择来提高自己的灵性的一种方式,那就很好了。但是,那里有一个美丽的世界,真正的成长来自研究和将自己投入生活中,而不是躲在邪教领袖意识形态的安全后面。

    以下是该书摘录“俘虏的心,俘虏的心”,作者:Madeline Tobias和
    Janja Lalich改编自Micheal Langone博士汇编的信息。






    4)使用麻木的技巧(例如:冥想,诵经,宣泄会话或使工作变得虚弱的常规)压制成员’ doubts.





    9)小组教导或暗示其“superior” ends justify 手段 that members would have
    considered 不道德的 before 加盟 the group (for example: collecting money for bogus charities).

    10)小组’s leadership induces guilt feelings in members in order 控制 then





    1. 什么是广泛而重要的帖子!它应该是自己的博客。一世’m glad I read this far down in the comments before trying it. I used to take Dahn Chi 瑜伽 which sounds similar, but I think 主 Kim was more of a lone wolf.


  23. I wish I had checked into reviews of Dahn 瑜珈 before I joined for next 3 months (450.00).
    I have just completed my 4th 类 of first week and found myself to be suspicious of a few things but I just checked off to my usual attitude of suspicion and sarcasm. A coup,e of things occurred during that week that I thought that
    The 4th 类 I took was called meditation (70 min). The major part of which was approximately 35-40 minutes
    有氧运动。自从我离开以来,对我来说非常紧张’t 不要e anything more than dog walking fir past years and I’m
    在我70岁’s。但我坚持不懈,完成了。但是我的膝盖被弄破了,第二天我不得不离开脚。一世’ve 不要e 瑜珈 over the past years, also low and high impact aerobics free weights etc. so I’m no stranger to excerise. Sine I am older I thought 瑜珈 and tI chi would be a more gentle way to get results but I’m becoming
    更不安…… I catch 上 quick…… It’与其说是练习,不如说是不断的修辞,还有一些昂贵的研讨会。…. So I will continue and be more selective of 类es offered and keep my expectations low and in 3 months I will fine myself an adequate 瑜珈 studio that offers just 类es at a fair price without the rhetoric.

  24. 亲爱的凯利,

    Thank you for writing this 文章 , as it has helped me clarify my intuition. I started taking 类es at a Dahn –现在称为脑部身体瑜伽–热爱这项工作,但从一开始就感到很奇怪。我的担心已经通过您的文章和其他一些文章得到了验证。尽管我认为他们实际上有一个很棒的系统,但是显然它是由没有诚信的人管理的。现在是2016年–而且他们仍然坚挺…。我不能说我想说的一切– but, I will definitely not be attending their 类es or workshops anymore.



  25. 什么定义了邪教?练习的人数和民意,仅此而已。基督教具有邪教的所有陷阱,但没有人非常关注(包括庞大的尸体数量)。如果您想对它进行否定的判断,那么任何教义或思想体系都可以称为邪教。是的,Dahn Yoga的名称纯粹是出于营销原因,但美国的每个瑜伽店也是如此。唐’给我这个废话吧’纯粹而古老’只是生活方式,健身和赚钱而已。如果有的话,在我的经验中,Dahn系统实际上确实可以做一些事情来集中和集中您的能量“real”从精神角度讲,瑜伽是对时间的完全浪费。这正是人们感到的原因“manipulated”并感到恐惧;因为他们已建立的不真实信仰体系受到威胁。那是怎么一件坏事?恐惧准确地向我们展示了我们在精神道路上需要走的地方。但是可以肯定的是,坚持做瑜伽–它没有任何威胁,并给了您漂亮的屁股。

    1. 你是什​​么意思“邪教的陷阱”?您在上一句话中说,邪教是由“练习的人数和民意,仅此而已”并且您的评论与此定义背道而驰。我很高兴听到您承认Dahn Hak通过自称做虚假广告“yoga”。从您的判断性陈述中,您显然不知道’t know much about the history and practice of 瑜伽 so please stop comparing Dahn Hak to 瑜伽。 From the extensive research we’从个人信息中我们已经听说过Dahn Hak,您确实应该非常非常害怕这个组织。

    2. 对于正在提问的学生/硕士……

      Dahn has created a beautiful picture out of fragments of truth claiming it to be more powerful and 真实 than perhaps what it 真实ly is.

      让’s start simple and then get to the more intense stuff…

      This 文章 is about Denver location… 让’s take their Google reviews … 10/23 are of 主s/Instructors current and old….. And if it’s like most centers the majority of other reviews are probably from core members whom Are contacted and asked to write reviews and sometimes for multiple locations… I’d bet money 3-4 are organically 真实

      Dahn 瑜珈 is so contrived…. 伊尔奇 lee was never part of the 50 leaders of UN he happened to be in a group photo and Dahn used that to make their own title. Read official 文章s and see Spokeman of UN illuminate ilchi lee’ false claims/ advertisement.


      Did he 真实ly stay awake with out laying down or eating for 21 days? My inner hopeful monk in me says yes!! But 真实ly, did he?

      他说,他不再在达恩(Dahn)担任职位,以表示不会从其利润中获得报酬。但是他是Br Consulting的顾问,没有人每月仅从美国获得大约50万或更多的收入。当然,他买了很多财产还给Dahn world ..说实话,我不确定他会得到多少报酬……

      It is normal for Dahn 瑜珈 “masters” instructors to put their own money, savings, loans for monthly “vision” which is extreme amounts of money. Average 16k-25K per month . Every. month.

      主s will promise Anything to help someone and to help someone 手段 this person will grow Most by Dahn programs… Anything for money… And if someone is unsatisfied with their program/result it is almost Always their fault, not the program… “The person wasn’t ready, wasn’t open, didn’t do it right, etc”



      They are Dellusional to think 伊尔奇 lee is the savior… People spend loads of money for the security that 100years after he or they die (I forget) will come save you. Man Jesus must be more the philanthropist type…he does it for free… And yet because I was in this cult as a master for 6 years I have a conditioned response… “Money helps bring things to physical manifestation. So of course he’ll save you and give money because it’s going to help create 真实 changes needed here 上 earth”

      Problem is people in Dahn lose connection to the 真实ity that Many organizations and people are also doing Amazing work. And there are lots of ways to grow your soul and to help humanity. Now that I’m out I see more similarities and overlaps with so many amazing groups yet being in Dahn felt like us vs them and we need more people as if people couldn’t grow and do Amazing things in other groups. 100earth citizens/mago members meant Dahn members.This is what’s sad. Having left… My hearts love has expanded 2fold. I can even say I love those in Dahn as they too are just trying to do their best in this confusing world where truth is revealed just a little bit through everyone’s eyes.

      To those who are enjoying the 类es please I hope you continue too. As these principles and practices are Not unique to Dahn. when I was a beginner member I was warned about all this and I didn’t even want to hear it mostly because I was getting SO much benefit (1. Didn’t care 2. Didn’t believe it) And stil now I can have gratitude for the benefit, healing, and abilities I developed through my time at Dahn. Extremely grateful. But to those who are wanting to leave but scared for your soul because of what they tell you please please take time and space…. If ilchi lee 真实ly is savior he’ll forgive you if you need to leave, seek balance, reconnect with family, take little time for self, take a break, seek a neutral counselor, talk to an ex member… If he 真实ly is savior..his love will embrace you anyway… And if not well then by following that little voice to leave because it’s not quite right then may take you closer to what you 真实ly want. And a master questioning has been given fear “the voice to leave is your ego voice for comfort. Follow your souls voice, which is to stay and be lead by ilchi lee for earth citizen movement”
      It’s become another voice clouding and ensuing guilt and confusion… Dahns way does not seem to be sustainable and with good emotional to financial practice. Really those questioning please put all the pieces together and is your soul and heart proud of its practice? Of course it’s beliefs but the 真实ity of it in practice ?


      “What do you 真实ly want?”

  26. 我是在加拿大生活了一年的加拿大英语老师,’我花了很长时间才成为Dahn(Hak)的成员。在出国教书的那一年,我一直在家练习太极拳。我那时还很小– mid 20’是灵性成长的新手。达恩迅速吸引了我。除了我交过的教友外,我现在在外国有一个归属地–那些渴望我像我一样尽力发挥我潜能的人。与其他发布者不同,我确实在练习中感觉到能量振动。真是令人震惊。那不是’马上,那是在我去另一个中心大约一个月后发生的。那天晚上有一位来宾主人要带领。我们闭上眼睛,灯熄灭了。当她向我们每个人走来走去时,我们伸出手掌站着。她找到了我,我只能解释的是好像她已经把球传给我了。能量球。我的思想既想要又没有’不想接受这种情况。我的怀疑者很紧张,但我不能’不要否认发生了什么。从这里开始,我将继续磨练自己的感觉’的振动能量,我很喜欢它。我几乎每天都要去练习,到三个月前,我已经去一个周末讲习班并计划另一个周末讲习班,同时还为Dahn的未来制定了更宏大的计划。在老师的帮助下,我已经给多伦多的一个中心的老师发了电子邮件,我将在那里学习。这就是我的家人来的地方。听到世界各地发生的一切以及即将发生的(或将要发生的)突然而非常重大的变化后,他们开始对Dahn Hak进行调查,并感到非常震惊。他们甚至打算飞向我并进行干预。当他们告诉我他们的担忧时,我变得非常防御和愤怒。我不能’当我觉得我真的在这种实践中蓬勃发展时,我不明白他们为什么会干扰我的精神之旅。我姑姑要我开门。“如果您开放,会输什么?”她曾对我说。这些是魔术字,因为她是对的。如果我很开放并且透过这些关键的镜片看她正在要求我暂时佩戴,那么我完全可以相信达恩·哈克曾经为我所做的一切。我很害怕(这本身就是一个危险信号),但是我看着。我了解了以前的成员及其在达恩的经历。随着我继续阅读更多和更多内容,我的恐惧加剧了,因为他们的故事听起来如此熟悉。非常像我的我已经开始在这种做法上投入越来越多的钱。我要参加的研讨会需要几天,我们无法入睡。没有正在进行的批判性思考–在某些方面,这是我真正喜欢的东西,但我意识到这可能是多么危险。机芯的悬挂式裱框照片’我后来想到的那个领导,这一切开始时我都觉得有点奇怪–但是转瞬即逝的想法。他似乎很受人尊敬,就像您在耶稣的基督徒之家中看到的常见景象一样。一旦恐惧减轻了一点,就好像我从梦中惊醒了一样。对我来说,突然停止上课非常容易。我学校的主任给达恩中心打了电话,告诉他们我将不再是会员。给达恩中心主任的这则消息足以警告我对我学校的访问,这真是令人恐惧,我认为这是不敬的。她本可以退还我将不再参加的讲习班的500美元,但是她没有参加。我没有’不要跟她说话,因为我没有’不想发生任何冲突,她的决定已经很明确,而且我已经受到足够的操纵。作为前成员和多年以后,我个人可以说,是的,Dhan为我提供了许多精神上的好处。由于存在损失和背叛,因此花了一些时间才能到达这个和平的地方。主人不是(我不 ’相信)故意造成伤害,与我相反’m sure. But I 不要’相信他们有能力通过同样的关键镜头进行观察,幸好我有勇气戴上。在阅读其他一些博客时,这些博客的目的是指出这种做法的许多方面,这些方面与真实的,无附加条件的,与之无关的个人收益不协调。’成员,精神实践…我知道对于我来说,我做出了正确的选择。我的精神之旅仍在继续,值得庆幸的是,我在达恩的经历并没有因此而受到挫败。从本质上讲,那里有一些好东西,重点是“一些”一词。我知道我向内看并感觉到自己的身体的能力’振动的能量不是Dahn的功劳,而是我的功劳。我现在知道,精神成长可以多种方式实现,而不是一种方式。一世’非常感谢我的所有经历,包括这一经历。

  27. 这种做法是一种邪教,所谓的主人压迫人们“attain enlightenment” or “grow the soul” through money-draining 类es and trainings and products. Initially, you feel good and very light. When you work there, you are expected to be at the center cleaning, out delivering brochures, and at every outreach 类 or staying late to stuff envelopes to bring in more members. Once they target certain strong individuals who have had past emotional trauma, the masters park outside your house to “send you energy”在继续训练之前。他们在塞多纳大院举行的怪诞仪式是黑暗的神秘活动,但您被告知这是“解放祖先的灵魂或灵魂”但这更像是为他们的假神俘虏他们。通过手机,计算机,收音机或团体冥想进行吸吮性思维大脑的控制,从心理上吸引您的精力,以帮助许多伞状组织的家庭,血统和上级组织(包括教孩子们的首尔市(ESP)的伊利·里(Il Chi Li)战胜疾病,并崇拜东贡的金色雕像和夜间拜访的吞噬/吸血/不洁的精神,以此为食。有谁真的知道他们雇用了多少网站和专职IT人员来跟踪和电子折磨过去和现在的成员?你知道为什么他们问某些成员“你们接受Il Chi Li吗?”积极地驱使人们背负债务并将他们与朋友,家人,爱好等隔离开来,这就是他们如何控制人们并使他们感到困惑或依赖并无法自己思考的。这里’特朗普需要派遣回韩国的一个阴险恐怖分子,因为他们是美国人民的敌人。远离!

  28. All I will say is that YES, I was sexually abused by 上e of the 达恩瑜伽 主s during at least two of the 类es. I had purchased a Groupon for 10 类es and was 真实ly looking forward to taking them. The master 老师 had touched and massaged me very inappropriately. I wrote a very extensive letter to the company as well as a yelp review. The Dahn representative wrote back and simply said that she was sorry that I had misunderstood the techniques used by the Dahn master. 通过 the way, they also hounded me for weeks to become a member. Needless to say, I never went back! 达恩瑜伽 is now called Body & Brain. It’离我家只有几个街区。今晚我开车经过它,可悲的是我回想起了Dahn Yoga的经历。崇拜吗是!不要走开!

  29. I feel terrible that many have had such a negative experience, when I myself had a great 上e. I joined the Dahn Center in the Bronx around 2002 for about 3 years. I left because I had to move. There was no Dahn Center to join near where I lived. My experience was incredible. I had some health problems since my early twenties that were actually resolved by the different types of movements 不要e in all the 类es I took. I was 36 years old when I joined and had severe problems with constipation, and was diagnosed with IBS and other things that I truly didn’相信我。我非常沮丧,加入后一直身高约120磅,而且体重超标。没人相信我,我非常想念它。但是当我在达恩中心的第一年,我的便秘得到了缓解,我减轻了所有的体重,变得那么健美。我的抑郁症消失了,我相信Dahn中心以及所有类型的锻炼都可以帮助缓解抑郁症。但是我真的很喜欢我的经历。我从居住地搬到发现更靠近Dahn中心(现在称为Brain)的地方…。只是了解有多少人经历过这样的负面经历,并发现他们被写成邪教。它’真的很伤心。我本来打算回到Dahn中心,因为我的病当然已经恢复了,我去了太多的医生,没有任何帮助。现在,我只是不’t know, and it’非常昂贵。我希望我能找到更多关于什么的信息’真的在继续。人与人之间,性骚扰可以在任何地方发生,但其他情况以及性骚扰是不可接受的。一世’我非常失望,以至于所有这一切都发生了。

  30. Dahn center does not practice 瑜珈 or healing. It is all about mind control. Just like any egotistical abuser they hide behind something that should be positive. Just like a cult &虐待者,如果你试图离开,他们是恶意的&复仇的我希望他们能真正了解自己。


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